SHIFT PLANNING- [Excel Template + Google Drive]

shift planning template excel

Manage your employees' shifts using this excel template.

  • Add in your employees.
  • Coordinate your employees' shifts.
  • Keep track of the hours worked in each shift.
  • Anticipate any shift overlaps or absences.
  • Analyse data across shift types and offices.




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shift planning template excel



At Kenjo, we created this free Shift Planning excel template to help you effectively manage the schedule of your employees with all the information you need. 


With this excel template you will be able to plan your employees' days, working hours, holidays and absences. This way you can be sure to avoid overlaps between your employees' schedules and also view at a glance the availability of those who are free incase others are away or on sick leave.  



What can you do with the HR Shift Planning excel template? 


  • Keep track of your employees' working hours, holidays and absences. 

  • Customise the information according to your company's needs. 

  • Filter the information by year, gender, department and see this information in a report format. 

  • Manage your employees' availability at a glance. 

Timesheet - EN-1





Step by step guide on how to use this template for your company


1.- Download the template by filling in the above form on this page.

2.- Read the instructions in the excel template. 

3.- Edit and update the excel with your company's information. 

4.- Analyse the graphs to get an overview of your employees' shifts.

5.- Enjoy the template, give us your feedback and good luck!