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You need to improve the productivity of your remote teams while still making them feel being part of a bigger cause? We've got you covered!


Discover our remote work eBook and learn the superpower of how to manage remote teams while working from home. In this guide you'll learn:

  • Legal framework for remote work.
  • How to stay compliant with GDPR regulations.
  • The best remote work automations and tools.
  • Best practices for high-performing teams.
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Do you know what it takes to connect a remote team and make them feel engaged and living your company's values as one big, happy team? Mastering remote work is all about finding the right tools to stay productive and connected. Our Ultimate Guide to Remote Work will

  • improve your internal communication,
  • align expectations between managers and staff
  • and reduce the “noise” that remote working generates. 


This guidebook is for managers and HR managers that wonder how to improve their remote work processes and culture. We teach you how to build high-performing teams that despite the distributed collaboration. 


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What's this eBook all about


1. Legal framework for remote work

2. What is remote work

3. Legal and financial implications of coronavirus

4. Should you use time tracking for remote workers?

5. Who provides the resources for working from home?

6. How to stay compliant with GDPR regulations

7. Who is responsible for work-related injuries while working from home?

8. How to improve the productivity of remote

9. Recipes for successful remote working

10. How to stay focused while you work from home

11. Remote work and mental health

12. Essential tools for remote workers

13. The best remote work automations

14. The best 5 blogs to follow about remote work


In the last couple of months we’ve received a bit of a sneak preview of how work will look like in the future. Due to Corona's lockdown entire industries were forced to switch their workforce into remote working within weeks. And with a new workforce of Millennials stating that they prefer to have the flexibility to work from different locations, this development won't go away soon.

Get your Ultimate Guide to Remote Work now and

  • start building a real community in virtual offices,
  • how to stay visible, and
  • work effectively while working from home.


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