HR manager’s guide to performance management

HR manager's guide to performance management

Design a performance management system that actually improves the performance of your employees. 


Get the best insights, research and key recommendations to design a unique performance management process today and:

  • Understand the purpose of performance management.
  • Learn how to design a bullet-proof performance management cycle.
  • Test your knowledge with three actionable workbooks and questionnaires.
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About the author


Alison Lee-1We’ve created this eBook in cooperation with Alison Lee, a leadership coach and organisational psychologist who is on a mission to create meaningful, vulnerable and courage-filled workplaces. She is a long-term partner of Kenjo and works closely with our team to help people thrive, and companies to truly succeed.



Designing a successful performance management cycle


You’ll learn about insights, research and key recommendations for designing a performance management approach as well as:

  • Understanding the purpose of performance management.
  • Typical purposes of performance management.
  • Designing the performance management cycle of performance planning, ongoing feedback, employee input, performance evaluation and performance review.


We also came up with practical and printable guidance to help you identify the key results and behaviours required for your team’s success. 









A step by step guide to help you design your own performance management process.


Learn how to identify performance requirements in the workshop guide.


Provides a checklist to help you assess your organisation’s feedback culture.





What's this eBook all about?


1. How to use this guide.

2. What is performance management?

      2.1. Performance appraisal vs performance management.

3. Understanding the purpose of performance management.

      3.1. What is the purpose of the performance management system?

      3.2. Typical purposes of performance management.

4. Designing the performance management cycle.

      4.1. What would the performance management process consist of?

      4.2. Prerequisites

      4.3. Deep dive into each step in the cycle:

             Part 1: Performance planning

             Part 2: Ongoing feedback

             Part 3: Employee Input

             Part 4: Performance evaluation

             Part 5: Performance review


Performance Management eBook



Turning your employees into rockstars


Does your heart race when you think about your last performance review? Tired of feedback talks leading nowhere? 


Performance appraisals don't need to have a bad reputation. Be a true HR leader and build a feedback culture in which employees feel valued. Our HR manager’s guide to performance management raises them to a new level of excellence.


We know that conducting performance reviews is the “Achilles heel” of HR management. It’s one of the most personal and intimidating processes for both leaders and employees.


The good news is that a well-designed performance management system doesn’t have to be a major source of anxiety. In fact, the results produced shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone involved.


Our guide will show you how to design a performance management approach for your unique organisation, and walk you through a step-by-step implementation guide for a performance management process that is practical, fair and meaningful for your people. 


Get your Kenjo HR manager’s guide to performance management now and

  • start developing self-aware, continuously learning teams that are aligned on how they want to work, and what they want to achieve. 
  • Get a step-by-step guide to take you from reflection to a clear statement of purpose for your performance management approach
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