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Kenjos free offboarding checklist will help you to organise, structure and streamline your offboarding process.

  • A list of tasks that HR Departments need to prepare before employees leave the company

  • Plan the entire offboarding journey and all tasks for all relevant departments

  • Easily assign offboarding tasks and responsibilities across departments
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The entire offboarding process is divided into several phases, which you can work through chronologically to ensure a comprehensive offboarding. The individual phases in our checklist will help you to carry out a smooth offboarding.



How does the offboarding checklist work?


  1. Download the offboarding checklist by entering your information in the form above.
  2. Read through the offboarding checklist.
  3. Work through the individual phases and points chronologically.
  4. Enjoy the checklist and let us know what you think!