Free Employee Training Plan – Excel Template

EN_Employee Training Plan

Need help training your employees? Kenjo has got you covered!


Download our template for free by completing the form, and utilize this Excel template to facilitate your employees' development.


What can you achieve?


  • Analyze the most requested training courses and manage your budget accordingly.
  • Assess areas for improvement and establish individual goals for each employee.
  • Create a comprehensive education and training plan for your company's employees.


While Excel can be a helpful tool for employee training, more is required to efficiently coordinate performance reviews and help employees develop. If you find this Excel template helpful but want to streamline the performance review process, consider exploring Kenjo.


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Download the HR training and development plan template


Learning and Development plan Excel template


We've created this template to help you implement a training plan for your employees. It has everything you need to know.


This template will help you organise all your data, from tracking employees' training status to managing training budgets, and your employees' professional growth. 




How will our HR training and development plan template help you?


  • Analyse the most popular training courses among your employees (CRM, leadership, soft skills...).

  • Customise all the data according to your HR department's needs, or the those of your company.
  • Filter the data by year, gender, department and visualise the data you need to report.

  • Manage the budget allocated to company training plans, see how much you've invested and the remaining budget.

  • Set individual objectives for each employee: where do they need to improve? Hard skills, languages, or communication skills? Create them yourself and use training to take your employees to the next level.



Learning and Development plan Excel templat




How does the HR training plan template actually work?


1. Download the template by filling in the form at the top of this page.

2. Follow the instructions provided in the template.

3. Edit and update the data with your company information.

4. Analyse the graphs to get an overview of your company's employee training plans.

5. Enjoy the template and let us know what you think! 😉.