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Staff shortages, the difficulty of attracting talent or improving working conditions are some of the challenges that HR departments face in the healthcare sector. In this guide, you will find  answers and solutions to these challenges as well as:
  • An X-ray of the healthcare sector.
  • Comparison between European countries.
  • Practical solutions for each challenge.
  • A guide to improving the working conditions through the digitisation of HR departments.


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The number of healthcare professionals employed throughout Europe vary strongly from country to country. However, the European Public Service Union (EPSU), points out a shortage of nearly 2 million workers that are needed in this sector. In addition, 40% of the doctors in one out of three countries in Europe, are above the age of 55, and will be facing retirement in the coming years. According to WHO Europe Health Workforce and Service Delivery, in 10 years this will represent a higher number of shortages if countries don’t take action now. Using an efficient recruitment tool, is key for finding the right talent in the healthcare system, especially in the private sector. 



Interface of Kenjo's digital recruiting tool

Interface of Kenjo's digital recruiting tool





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