Advanced Performance Review Excel Template

Excel template Performance Review

Manage all your company’s performance reviews with this powerful Excel template

  • Store all your employee PERFORMANCE reviews.
  • Customise your own performance review Excel template.
  • Create charts to compare the performance of your employees, teams or managers.
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Kenjo offers one of the most powerful templates on the market because it enables you to store all your employees’ performance records in Excel. You can review an employee’s average score over their entire appraisal history, and create charts that show you their progress over time or compare them to other employees.


This Excel template becomes an indispensable tool for Human Resources departments because:

  • It enables you to customise the review template by editing interviewing questions, categories, scores, etc.
  • You will be able to store all employee performance reviews and sort them by team, department or manager.
  • Generate charts that allow you to compare average scores for your employees, departments and managers.



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