HR Software Comparison - [Excel template]

HR Software Comparison Excel

Compare the different Human Resources software on the market with our Excel template.

  • Analyse the specific functionalities of each HR software program. 
  • Simply analyse which software adapts best to your department’s needs.
  • Automatically calculate the percentage of functionalities included with each software. 
  • Present the information to the decision-making team in a highly visual format. 
  • Note any comments that may be relevant to the final decision.




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HR Software Comparison Excel



At Kenjo, we have created this Excel template to compare and analyse the different HR software currently available on the market. This template will help you to choose the HR software that adapts best to your department’s needs.




What can you do with our HR software comparison template?


  • Analyse each of the specific functionalities for each HR software.
  • Make simple comparisons between the different HR software options.
  • Calculate what percentage of the functionalities required by your department are included with each software.
  • Make any annotations that can help with the HR software selection process.




How does the HR software comparison template work?


1.- Download the template by filling in the above form on this page.

2.- Follow the instructions provided in the excel template. 

3.- Edit and update the data with your company information. 

4.- Analyse the graphs to get an overview of your HR software comparison.

5.- Enjoy the template and let us know what you think!