[Excel template] - Calculate salary increases for your employees

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Create and define a compensation plan for your company employees.

  • Use this template to calculate salary increases with a compensation plan.
  • Analyse the results and budget through predefined comparison charts and tables.
  • Calculate if the salary increase is appropriate based on the employee's performance.



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Kenjo has created the most extensive template on the market to help you establish your next compensation plan. You’ll be able to organise all your employee information and identify your best performers for future salary increases.




What can you do with this HR compensation plan template?

  • Analyse and compare employee salaries with the market average.
  • Compare salaries between departments, cities, gender or job roles within the company.
  • Examine salary increases by department.
  • Control the budget available for your compensation plan.
  • Analyse each employee’s performance and get suggestions for salary increases based on the compensation matrix.





How does the salary increase template work?


1. Download the template by filling in the form at the top of this page.

2. Read the instructions inside the template.

3. Edit and update it with data from your company.

4. Check out the charts for an overview of employee salaries in your organisation.

5. Have fun with the template! 😉