[Excel template] - Recruitment tracker

excel template recruitment tracker

Track the recruitment of candidates with this template:

  • Manually store the information of your employees.
  • Keep track of the number of applications and open positions.
  • Recruitment funnel customised to your needs.
  • Statistics to analyse the reasons for rejecting a candidate and reasons a candidate rejected the offer.
  • Know the channels with the highest number of candidates who have applied.
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excel template recruitment tracker


Do you work in HR and need to organise the recruitment process? Do the department managers have no visibility on the status of the candidates in the recruitment process? Then create your recruitment schedule with this excel template. At Kenjo we know that the recruitment process is not easy, it is very time consuming and it means that there is a constant need to have all the information in order. It also requires inter-departmental communication. So, the procedure has to be dynamic, agile and fluid.



What can you do with the excel recruitment tracker template


With the employee recruitment template you will be able to have the following data in the dashboard and filter through it:

  • Offer status: Active, draft, archived, etc.
  • Department associated with the vacancy: Marketing, Sales, IT - Name of the open position: Community Manager, Content Manager, Growth Manager, Administrative, etc.
  • Office: London, Berlin, Munich, Paris. etc.
  • Offer opening date: Shows only the offers created on a certain date. In addition, all this information can be personalised according to the needs of your company, this feature is 100% flexible.

Also, if you need to share this information with colleagues who are located in different offices, don't worry, you will automatically have a simultaneous translation between Spanish, English and German.


What do you think?


Download the employee recruitment template and streamline your daily recruitment tasks and processes.


excel recruiting template




How does the excel recruitment tracker template work?


1. Download the template by filling in the form at the top of this page.

2. Follow the instructions provided in the template.

3. Edit and update the data with your company information.

4. Analyse the graphs to get an overview of your company's recruitment processes.

5. Enjoy the template and let us know what you think! 😉.