[Excel Template] - Employee Database

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Save all your employees' data in a single place:

  • Get a complete overview of your employees' essential information.

  • Include your employees' job details and personal information, all completely GDPR compliant

  • At a glance, see all the data related to your employees' salary, contract and contact details.

  • Download and adapt the template to your needs.

  • Use it online from Google Drive or other compatible platforms or download it as an .xlsx version.




Download this Excel Template now!





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We at KENJO have created this Excel Employee Database template to make it easier for you to collect and manage all your employee data as well as to give you a quicker and better overview over the most important employee data.


What can you do with this Excel template? 


  • Store all relevant employee data in one single accessible space. 


  • Include all data related to the employees position, including contact and personal details, salary and other contract information..

  • Adapt the template to your needs and add all the information you require.




How does the employee database Excel template work?



1.- Download the template by filling in the form at the top of this page..

2.-Read the instructions you'll find in the template.

3.-Include your employees' information

4.-Enjoy the template and let us know what you think of it 😉!