Human Resources KPI dashboard

Template Preview_Human Resources KPI Dashboard_EN

Manage all your employee's data with this powerful KPI dashboard

  • Store all your employee's data in one Excel.
  • Calculate your retention, exit rates and hiring rates and analyse trends.
  • Create charts to compare different rates between departments.
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Kenjo offers one of the most powerful templates on the market because it enables you to store all the KPIs related to people management in Excel.  Once you upload all your employees metrics ( start date, age, gender, role, department, etc ) you will then have access to several dashboards that will provide you with an overview of the company's health status.


This Excel template becomes an indispensable tool for Human Resources departments because:

  • Will help you to spot hiring and exits trends 
  • Will leverage your Human Resource strategy 
  • Will allow you to compare performance between departments
  • Will allow you to create several graphs and reports to analyse the most important Human Resources KPIs
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