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Calculate all your recruiting and hiring costs with our Cost Per Hire Excel Calculator:

  • Clearly and understandably calculate all recruiting costs

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  • Optimise your recruiting budget with the help of our "Cost-Per-Hire" calculator.



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Kenjo cost per hire excel template calculator


Do you know how high your recruitment costs are? Your HR department wants to optimise its hiring costs? If so - then try our free Excel calculator that allows you to calculate every step in your recruiting process.

We know that recruitment processes are complex and often lengthy. Of course, everyone involved in recruiting wants to avoid costly mistakes.

For this reason, we want to provide you with this Cost Per Hire Excel calculator free of charge. This way you can get a full overview of your recruitment costs comfortably and without much effort.


What can you do with this Cost Per Hire Excel template? 


With our recruitment cost calculator you can enter the following data to facilitate your calculations:

- Job posting costs: Several job portals (such as LinkedIn) charge for the publication of job advertisements.

- Selection process: The staff involved in the recruitment process are taken into account, as well as the number of days the process takes, the cost per day of the staff and the candidates to be interviewed.

- Interview process: As with the selection process, the same variables are taken into account to calculate the cost of the recruitment process.

- Other costs/incidental costs: Insurance costs, training costs and taxes are calculated, as well as other incidental costs.




How does the Cost Per Hire Calculator work?



1.- Download the Cost Per Hire template by filling in the form at the top of this page.

2.-Read the instructions inside the template.

3.-Edit and update the data to accurately calculate your recruitment costs.

4.-Enjoy the template and let us know what you think of it 😉!