[Excel] - 9 Box Grid Talent Management Template

9 Box grid Template

With our 9 Box Grid talent matrix you quickly and easily identify and boost your employees skills. 


  • Evaluate your team's performance thanks to the 9-box grid method.

  • Identify your employees' potential and areas of improvement based on their performance.

  • Filter by departments or employees and make a list of rankings.

  • Download and adapt the template to your needs.



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9 box grid template



Wa at KENJO created this free 9 Box Grid template for you, as we know how important - yet difficult it can be to evaluate employees strengths and weaknesses. 

What is a 9 Box Grid for?


A 9 Box Grid - also known as a Talent Matrix or Skill Matrix, helps to assess the skills required by your company or in your team. It can be used for identifying staffing needs in order to start a recruitment process or for assigning existing employees to a certain project.


What are the advantages of a 9 Box Grid?


Some of the benefits of using this method are the following:


  • Overview of available and required skills. 

  • Rapidly finding possible replacements in case of an employee requests a sick leave.

  • Boost the talent of your employees and integrate them into new projects.

  • Identify the training needs of your employees.

  • Work on your employees' areas for improvement.

  • Information on the professional development of your team.


How does the 9 Box Grid Excel Template work? 


1.- Download the template by filling in the form at the top of this page..

2.-Read the instructions you'll find in the template.

3.-Include your employees' information

4.-Enjoy the template and let us know what you think of it 😉!